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What can you expect from us?


You have more important things to do...

...in your business than keep track with the continuously growing diversity of printers and toners.

Your company needs to run smoothly and efficiently.  



The complementary specialist, industry, and practical expertise of our motivated team means that we can competently configure and maintain your company's printing fleet to ensure it functions homogenously and efficiently and meets your individual requirements precisely.



Use our free consultation...

...with no obligation to help decide what your requirements are.

We always ensure our customers retain control over decisions made and costs involved.



Our core competencies are:

⇒ Customized, sophisticated solutions enabled by supplier-independe

⇒ Technological knowhow of all known print brand

⇒ Flexibility and on-site service provided by a network of technicians throughout Germany






DuSeBa GmbH - Der Partner für Ihre optimale Druckerlandschaft!